1. Name of the competition

Mural Bazaly

2. Subject of the competition

The subject of the competition is the elaboration of a design for a large-format work of street art (a mural) and the subsequent implementation of the design. The mural will transform the appearance of a retaining wall with a surface area of approx. 1000 m2 in the municipal district of Slezská Ostrava, specifically parcel number 1705/31, all in cadastral area Slezská Ostrava, City of Ostrava. Precise location of the retaining wall is shown in Appendix B of these competition terms and conditions hereinafter referred to as “Mural Location”). The winning design will be implemented (painted) in situ by the competition winner in collaboration with the Moravian-Silesian Region, address: 28. října 117, 702 18 Ostrava, ID no. 70890692 (Contracting authority 2), who is the owner of Mural Location.

3. Contracting authorities

Contracting authority 1



ID no. (IČ)

VAT no. (DIČ)

data box ID

authorized representative



Statutární město Ostrava (City of Ostrava)

Prokešovo náměstí 8, 729 30 Ostrava, Czech Republic




Tomáš Macura, Mayor of the City

+420 599 442 291

Contracting authority 2



ID no. (IČ)

VAT no. (DIČ)

data box ID

authorized representative



Moravskoslezský kraj (Moravian-Silesian Region)

28. října 117, 702 18 Ostrava, Czech Republic




Ivo Vondrák, Governor of the Region

+420 595 622 222

4. Competition topic and instructions

The large-scale mural should reflect the dramatic and substantial transformation experienced by Ostrava and the Moravian-Silesian Region in recent years. It should also respond to the specific features (whether historical, social or sporting) of the city/region as such – including an appropriate commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Baník sports club, which is inextricably associated with the Bazaly site.

The mural will be located on a retaining wall above the Bazaly stadium. The precise location is shown in Appendix B.

5. Obligatory limit parameters and recommendations

The contracting authority requires obligatory compliance with the following parameters (limits):

● The mural must not contain any advertising content.
● The mural must not contain any connected texts. It may contain individual words and/or numerals, provided that these express some symbolic meaning and are justified in the context of the overall design.
● The colour scheme and surface finish of the mural must be selected so that the mural does not blend in with traffic signs (road signs) or traffic-related equipment/devices; it must not function as a background to these signs/equipment/devices, and it must not be possible to confuse the mural with traffic signs (road signs) or traffic-related equipment/devices.
● The mural must not be illuminated, either fully or partially. It must use non-reflective materials, and it must not negatively influence road/traffic safety in any way.
● Neither the topic(s) of the mural nor any of its component parts must be at variance with good moral standards; in particular, the mural must not express/encourage/condone any form of discrimination on the grounds of race, sex/gender or nationality, it must not express opposition or hostility to any religious, national or political group or persuasion, it must not represent a generally unacceptable threat to morality, be detrimental to human dignity, contain elements of pornography or violence, or feature elements exploiting the emotion of fear.
● The entire surface of the retaining wall will be cleaned and treated with a penetrative coating prior to the implementation (this will be ensured by the Contracting authority 2, Moravian-Silesian Region). The competition winner will then use the prepared surface as the site for their art work. It is only permitted to use silicone-based façade paints and/or high-quality spray paints for the implementation. However, if the artist plans to use only spray paints, they must ensure that the surface is first coated with silicone-based façade paint. It is not permitted to use spray paints directly on the surface without the aforementioned base layer.
● In view of possible future damage to the finished art work, the contracting authority and the competition partner recommend that the lower edge of the art work should begin around 1–1.5 metres above ground level. This is not an obligatory condition.
● The financial plan for the implementation (including services), which forms part of the competition application, must contain the complete bid submitted by the competition participant, i.e. the complete price for which the competition participant proposes to implement the submitted mural design. This bid price must not exceed the maximum limit stipulated for the mural implementation, i.e. 1 500 000 CZK (one million five hundred thousand Czech crowns). The amount is stated without VAT. The competition participant must ensure the eventual services necessary for the implementation of the work (specified in more detail in Annex D). The maximum duration of the mural implementation must not exceed 60 days.

If a competition participant’s entry does not comply with the above-listed obligatory limit parameters (excluding those parameters that are merely recommendations), the competition jury may exclude the entry from consideration, and the contracting authority may exclude the entry from the competition.

6. Competition participants

Eligible competition participants (entrants) are individuals (natural persons, i.e. not legal entities) aged 18 or older.

Eligible competition participants (entrants) may also be groups. However, such a group must be represented by a single individual (natural person), e.g. a curator, who meets the requirement stipulated in the first paragraph above of this section.

7. Type of competition

The competition is an open art competition consisting of a single round.

The competition is an international competition. The Czech version of the rules is the decisive version.

The competition is anonymous. The entries (designs) will be assessed and evaluated anonymously. No part of the competition entries may include the name and/or signature of the participant (entrant), or any slogan or other graphic element which could potentially enable the entrant to be identified, thus breaching the principle of anonymity.

If the competition secretary or scrutineer determines that any identifying features are present in the properties of electronically submitted documents or document names, they will alter this information in order to comply with the principle of anonymity.

The contracting authority will exclude from the competition any participants (entrants) whose competition entries are found (either by the scrutineer and/or the secretary when scrutinizing the entries, or by the competition jury when evaluating the entries) to have breached the principle of anonymity.

8. Anticipated competition schedule and implementation schedule

15. 3. 2022Announcement of the competition on the official noticeboard of the Ostrava City Authority. The competition terms and conditions (including appendices) will be published on the website
10. 5. 2022Deadline for the submission of competition applications and designs
11. 5. 2022 – 20. 5. 2022Formal verification of entries received by the competition secretary, scrutiny of the entries by the competition scrutineer. The secretary will mark the individual parts of the entries with a number; the entries will be scrutinized and evaluated under these numbers. The scrutineer will compile a report which will be submitted to the jury and appended to the competition minutes (the report on the course of the competition).
21. 5. 2022 – 31. 5. 2022Jury session for purposes of evaluation. The precise date of the session will be specified during the course of the competition.
May-June 2022Announcement of the competition results, including payment of prize money for 1st–3rd place.
May-July 2022Conclusion of a contract with the competition winner for the implementation of the mural design.
July-August 2022Implementation of the mural design (painting).

(dates are given in the format DD-MM-YY, times in the 24-hour system)

9. Queries

Interested parties may request further explanation/clarification of the competition terms and conditions and other documents. Requests for explanations/clarifications must be submitted solely in written form to the e-mail address

Explanations/clarifications of the competition terms and conditions and other documents (accompanied by the initial query) will be published (without identifying the interested party) on the website

10. Applications and competition designs

Competition participants (entrants) must submit their applications and competition designs by the deadline stipulated in section 8 (Competition schedule).

Applications and designs may be submitted in either Czech or English.

Competition participants submit their applications via the relevant electronic form, which is available on the website

Competition participants must submit a properly competed application accompanied by the obligatory appendices, which are: “Financial plan for the implementation” (a template can be found on the website; “Portfolio” (in a format of the participant’s choice – the Portfolio must present max. 3 works by the participant (either designs, or existing works already implemented) corresponding with the size (format) of this competition).

Applications must include the obligatory appendix “Panel”. This will be inserted into a pre-existing template, and it will comprise a graphic part, a textual part and visualizations. The template for the Panel can be downloaded from the website

11. Sending the application and the competition design

a) Competition participants (entrants) who do not possess a qualified electronic signature and do not possess a Czech Republic data box must send their applications (including appendices) via email to the e-mail address with subject of the email “Mural Bazaly” and must also send a signed original version (hard copy) of the application (not including appendices) via a postal services provider to the following address: Magistrát města Ostravy (Ostrava City Authority), Prokešovo nám. č. 8, 729 30 Ostrava, or the participant (applicant) must submit the application in person to the mail room of the Ostrava City Authority at the address Prokešovo nám. č. 8, 729 30 Ostrava, in an envelope marked with the following information:

● the name of the competition
● the identifying details of the applicant
● the text “Neotvírat – přihláška do soutěže” (meaning “Do not open – competition application”).

b) Competition participants (entrants) who possess a qualified electronic signature append their qualified electronic signature to the application and send it (including appendices) via email to the e-mail address with subject of the email “Mural Bazaly” (neither the original hard copy version of the application nor hard copies of any other appendices are to be submitted).

c) Competition participants (entrants) who possess a Czech Republic data box send the application (including appendices) as a data message (marked with the competition name) via the Czech Republic’s Data Box Information System (ISDS) without appending an electronic signature (neither the original hard copy version of the application nor hard copies of any other appendices are to be submitted).

The deadline for sending applications and design proposals is 10 May 2022; if an application is sent by post, the stamp appended by the postal services provider will be considered definitively indicative of the date of sending.

12. Criteria for evaluating competition designs

The criteria for evaluating competition designs are as follows (not in any particular order):

a) the overall concept and artistic quality of the design,
b) the design’s overall suitability for the mural site,
c) the degree to which the design is economical and financially appropriate.

The criteria cannot be evaluated in quantitative terms; when assessing the designs, the jury’s deliberations will draw on the experience and expertise of its individual members. This evaluation will thus represent the jury’s professional (albeit subjective) opinion. This is generally accepted as a standard form of evaluation, and by entering the competition, participants (entrants) thereby express their consent with this form of evaluation.

13. Members of the jury and invited consultants

Dependent members of the jury:

Kateřina Šebestová, City of Ostrava

Jakub Unucka, Moravian-Silesian Region

Independent members of the jury:

Alexandra Kroliková, curator, art manager

Daniela Rywiková, University of Ostrava, Faculty of Arts

Jiří Surůvka, artist, performer, painter

Substitute dependent members of the jury:

Andrea Hoffmannová, City of Ostrava

Karin Černá, Moravian-Silesian Region

Substitute independent members of the jury:

Ilona Rozehnalová, Antiquarian bookshop and club Fiducia

Jiří Jůza, The Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava

Invited consultants:

Nikola Vavrous, artist, streetart painter

Oldřich Bajger, Municipal Studio for Urban Planning and Architecture

Marek Melichárek, Moravian-Silesian Region Road Management

Lukáš Zajacz, Ostrava Traffic Police Authority

Pavlína Volná, Moravian-Silesian Region

Silvie Okálová, Moravian-Silesian Region

Competition secretary:

Daniela Zarodňanská, Culture and Leisure Activities Department, Ostrava City Authority

Competition scrutineer:

Barbora Stankušová, Culture and Leisure Activities Department, Ostrava City Authority

14. Competition minutes

The secretary (or another person appointed by the chair of the jury) will compile minutes (a report) on the course of the competition at all sessions of the jury; the accuracy of these minutes will be confirmed by all members of the jury, and by the minute-taker, by appending their signatures.

15. Prizes

The maximum total sum available for competition prizes is 145 000 CZK (one hundred and forty-five thousand Czech crowns).

● The first prize will be 80 000 CZK (eighty thousand Czech crowns).
● The second prize will be 40 000 CZK (forty thousand Czech crowns).
● The third prize will be 25 000 CZK (twenty-five thousand Czech crowns).

In exceptional cases, the jury may decide not to award one or more of these prizes, and either to not pay one or more of the sums or alternatively to distribute the prize money in a different manner. The jury may also decide not to award any prizes. In special cases, the jury may decide to change the allocation of the money to the individual prizes. In such cases, the jury must provide a detailed justification for its decision as part of the competition minutes, accompanied by a record of the votes cast by regular members of the jury.

If a design was submitted by a group, any prize money won by that design will be paid to the applicant who submitted the design.

16. Decision on the selection of the most appropriate design

When selecting the most appropriate design, the Contracting Authorities are bound by the opinion of the jury. The jury reserves the right to recommend that none of the submitted designs should be implemented.

The Contracting Authorities will take the decision on the selection of the most appropriate design without delay after receiving notification of the jury’s opinion.

17. Terms and conditions for the conclusion of the contract for the implementation of the design

Contracting authority 2 intends, on the basis of the competition results, to commission the implementation of a mural by the date specified in section 8. Anticipated competition schedule and implementation schedule, as a small-scale public commission as per Act no. 134/2016 Sb. on public procurement, as amended, and as per the Rules on Public Procurement in the Moravian-Silesian Region, as amended.

The commission will be awarded to the competition winner on the basis of the decision taken by contracting authority 2, via a contract concluded in accordance with valid legal regulations.

If no contract is concluded between contracting authority 2 and the competition winner, the entrants who submitted the designs which were ranked below the winning design may be invited to conclude a contract (in the order in which they were ranked).

The selected provider, having concluded the contract, will cooperate fully with contracting authority 2 when implementing the design, as well as with the coordinator of the competition and the implementation process appointed by contracting authority 2 (if applicable).

18. Appendices to the competition terms and conditions

  • Appendix A: Technical drawing of the wall
  • Appendix B: Map showing the location of the wall

19. Appendices to the application (obligatory templates)

  • Appendix C: Application form
  • Appendix D: Financial plan for the implementation
  • Appendix E: Panel template, part a and b